Caller ID Spoofing Etiquette: How To Spoof Responsibly

With all the controversy behind SpoofCard's Caller ID Spoofing service we thought it'd a good idea to put together a guide to Caller ID Spoofing etiquette and how to use Caller ID Spoofing responsibly. These are the "Do's and Don'ts" of Caller ID Spoofing that may save you from getting into trouble some day!

Always let the called party know if your pulling a prank on them at the end of the call or with a follow up call.

Don't spoof a number that belongs to the police, any federal agency or a bank! This could get you into trouble.

Don't call asking for personal information under a false pretense.

Don't try to spoof 911 as the Caller ID.

Don't call the police with a spoofed number.

Don't try to call 911 with a spoofed number! Ever.

Don't make threatening calls that you wouldn't want to make if you were displaying your real phone number.

Don't break into other peoples voicemail using spoofing. It could be considered illegal access.

Some states require both parties to know if a call is being recorded, and some states only require one party (you) to know about the call recording. If you plan on recording your call using SpoofCard, please lookup the applicable laws in your state and your called party's state.

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