TrapCall - Caller ID Unblocking Service

TrapCall was launched in early February 2009 by TelTech Systems, the company behind SpoofCard, the leading Caller ID spoofing provider. TrapCall is a completely new service that functions as the worlds first Caller ID unblocking service. In plain terms, that means TrapCall will tell you the number of a caller, even if they dialed *67 first. Numbers are no longer private, they can always be unmasked or unblocked. This essentially means that Caller ID spoofing is now the ONLY way to keep your number truly private, as a user may be using TrapCall to unblock your number. TrapCall came out of beta in March 2010 and now supports AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and Sprint. TrapCall is adding support for more carriers soon and hopes to have an iPhone, Android and BlackBerry app by early Summer 2010.

How does TrapCall work?

TrapCall takes advantage of cell phones "conditional call forwarding" feature. When you press the "ignore" button on your cell phone to ignore a call, the call is sent to TrapCall's toll free number, where it's unmasked and then sent back to you with a matter of seconds. Because the number is forwarded to a toll free numer, it is sent the callers CPN and the privacy bit on the call is overwritten.

Why is TrapCall so important?

Because it has never been offered as a commercial service before! Until now people have always had a (false) reasonable sense of security, that their number was protected when using *67. That's not the case anymore. TrapCall effectively makes the whole concept of *67 pointless!

Which phones support TrapCall?

TrapCall works on any cell phone for AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and T-Mobile. There are some restrictions on call-forwarding on certain types of prepaid/family/flex plans for T-Mobile so please be sure to check with T-Mobile first if you're phone can do conditional call forwarding.

Additional TrapCall benefits?

TrapCall also offers voicemail transcriptions sent to your phone as a text message, incoming call recording, number blacklisting so certain people will think your phone number has been changed or disconnected, and Caller ID Name with Address information.

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